What does PLR stand for?

Passionate. Loyal. Reliable.
What do you think P/L/R stands for?


Words nearly everyone would use to describe the perfect life partner, but rarely words anyone would use to describe an insurance agency.

Unless that agency is P/L/R Insurance! Now, to be honest, P/L/R represents the initials of a couple of longtime partners, who are now retired. But that didn’t make for a compelling title, so now that we have your attention, here’s our story:

Founded by Jim Petrov of Tremont in 1988, the agency that has evolved into P/L/R remains true to our original values. We build personal relationships with our customers and treat them more like family and less like a policy number.

Many insurance agents are known as “captive”, who can only offer their own company’s products, so even if the agent knows there’s a product on the market which would be a better fit for their customer, they can’t offer it unless it comes from within their own shop.

The P/L/R edge lies in our position as an independent insurance agency. P/L/R is 100% independent of any one company, which means we can work directly with a variety of top-rated insurance carriers and offer the best available product to suit each customer’s unique needs.

We know. This is an insurance town. There’s an agency on every corner, and even lots of independent agencies to choose from, so why should you choose us? We’re glad you asked!

P/L/R has built a reputation as a company that truly cares about our clients and our community. We’re not in the insurance game just to take your money. P/L/R exists to help people understand the complex world of insurance and to help them purchase the insurance coverage that is right for them.

P/L/R President Bill Lawrence, a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) says it best. “Our goal is to educate people while helping them purchase the right coverage. We don’t participate in insurance company contests. We recommend and sell clients the products that are in their best interest. Our team exhibits the highest levels of empathy and professional integrity; we only hire people of good character. That is how we’ve built our business and our brand is a true reflection of how we view our customer relationships.”

Our commitment to honesty and integrity is more than just talk. Bill and Jan (his better half and the Director of Business Development at P/L/R), along with their son John (Vice President of the agency, CIC, CLCS) are actively involved in the community, and are especially interested in supporting organizations that advocate for children.

Bill and Jan served as Honorary Co-Chairs of The Baby Fold’s Festival of Trees in 2016, and Bill has served on the Board of Directors for the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council, where he is currently the Chairperson, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, and the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal. John is also involved with local charitable organizations, and so are many of the other employees.

If that kind of passion, loyalty and reliability is important to you when trusting an agency with your insurance needs, then P/L/R is the agency for you.

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