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Nobody wants to talk about life insurance.

That’s the simple truth of ittalking about life insurance is not fun. It’s actually kind of like waking up with a face full of water or listening to the slow drip of a leaky kitchen sink (okay, maybe not quite that bad).

But just because it’s not fun, doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Maybe more than any other type, Life Insurance is personal—we’re talking about the financial security of your family and loved ones. At PLR, we passionately believe that life circumstances change over time, and because of that it is important to have someone in your corner that you trust.

An insurance website doesn’t know, or care, about your kids’ college aspirations or that you’re solely responsible for the care of an elderly parent. It doesn’t know your retirement goals or if you have every penny to your name wrapped up in your home.

We do. It’s that simple.

And we pair that knowledge with decades of expertise navigating these types of questions. So even though it’s not fun to talk about, we approach life insurance the same way we approach everything else: with a conversation.

We begin by talking about you: your life, your family, your responsibilities. We use that information and our expertise to match you with the policy that gives you the coverage you need to know that your loved ones will be taken care of in the case thatheaven forbidthe worst happens.

If you are ready to start the conversation, we would love to talk to you. But if you’re not quite ready, we encourage you to explore the information below.

Why would I need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance provides peace of mind and protection for your family. Affordable monthly premiums can ensure your family’s future, no matter what happens.

PLR Insurance offers several types of Life Insurance, designed to fit your needs and financial situation. But typically, our clients opt for one of two types: Term Insurance or Permanent Insurance (also called Whole Life).

What is the difference between Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance (Whole Life)?

Term Life Insurance normally provides financial assistance for a specific time frame. While it is possible to purchase Annually Renewable Term Life Insurance, more often than not people opt for Level Term Life Insurance.  This type of plan is optimal for someone who may only need a financial boost until a specific debt is paid off (i.e. your mortgage), or your kids are through college.

On the flip side, Permanent Life Insurance provides lifelong financial support. Permanent plans accumulate a cash value and are priced to offer coverage over a longer time frame.

How do I decide which Life Insurance policy is right for me?

Navigating which Life Insurance policy is right for you and your family can be overwhelming. Because of the nature of these plans, we highly recommend connecting with a PLR Insurance agent to discuss your current financial situation and what policy is the best fit for you. Some policies may require applicants to complete a health assessment.

Life Insurance At A Glance

Level Term


Best for

Defined term needs. Mortgage would be a good example.

Indefinite term needs, investment, tax planning


Less expensive, proceeds are not taxable

Lasts a lifetime, as long as premiums are paid, develops cash value, proceeds are not taxable


Relatively inexpensive for most individuals

Higher than Term but part of the increased premium goes to cash value. You can borrow against the value or cash out the value if you no longer need the insurance.*

*(cash out is taxable)


Designed to protect an individual for a specified period of time

Designed to last a lifetime

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