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A new year always brings new opportunities and here at P/L/R, we’re taking this opportunity to launch our brand-new blog, Insurance Insights for Everyone.

We know. Talking about insurance is exactly nobody’s favorite topic. It’s dry, and dull and boring and expensive and more of a necessary evil than something you want to spend your spare time reading about.

That is, until you need it.

Then suddenly, insurance is the most important thing in the world, and you’re tearing through Google to find the answer to your question and insurance is all you want to talk about.

If you’ve ever been waiting to hear back about whether your flooded laundry room claim is going to be covered or if your homeowner’s policy covers the diamond that fell out of your wedding ring, you know what we’re saying.

For example, did you know that 42% of homes in America are underinsured? That means that if their home was destroyed, those policyholders don’t have enough insurance to rebuild!

What’s worse? Only 59% of Americans own any kind of life insurance! That’s the insurance that provides for your family if something happens to you. Scary stuff.

What if you crash that drone you got for Christmas into your neighbor’s car?
Does insurance pay for that?
Even if it does, is it a claim on your neighbor’s auto policy or a claim on your homeowner’s?
Does homeowner’s insurance even cover drone accidents?

Who knows?!

We do.

So, in future posts, Insurance Insights for Everyone will answer questions like these, as well as explain the basics of each kind of insurance that most people will need somewhere on their life’s journey.

Next time, we’ll share the backstory about P/L/R Insurance and why our family chose to get into this business. We hope you’ll join us.


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