Happy Holidays from P/L/R!

Happy holidays from all of us at P/L/R to all of you!

Thanks for trusting us with your insurance needs. From making basic insurance recommendations to young families to helping long-time clients with estate planning, we appreciate every one of you. We couldn’t succeed without your continuing support.

This year, we thank you for standing with us as we worked our way through the labyrinth that has been 2020. Through every change and every challenge, you stood with us, and we appreciate your faith and trust now more than ever.

The entire insurance industry rests on a foundation of helping people prepare for the unexpected. After all, nobody plans to have a car accident, but it’s good to know that your auto policy will cover it just in case you do.

No amount of forecasting, analysis, or modeling could have prepared us for all the unexpected experiences we’ve had this year. There’s a global pandemic. We’ve been in and out of quarantine; our children have been in and out of school. We’ve missed the weddings, the graduations, and even the funerals that mark the milestones in our lives.

Despite all that, P/L/R President Bill Lawrence says, “We are grateful. Our clients have been flexible and stayed with us through every change we’ve made this year. We transitioned from our traditional face-to-face business to a virtual model in just a few days.”

“Our first concern was for the health and safety of our clients and our staff. We moved to online sales and service a week or so before the governor required it. It was a bit confusing at first, with recommendations and restrictions changing every day, but from the beginning, our clients and our staff just rolled with the changes, kept calm, and carried on.”

“We’re looking forward to 2021 with hope,” Lawrence continues. “This year has certainly taught us that anything can happen, and that the future we’ve planned isn’t necessarily the future we’ll get. But that’s the business that we’re in – preparing for the unexpected – so we’re ready for whatever 2021 has to bring, and we can help you be ready too.”

With that in mind, we know you have choices when buying insurance.

Thank you for choosing us.

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

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