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Cover Your Casa!

Congratulations – you’re a homeowner! Buying a new home is SO exciting. Whether it’s your first house or your fourth, your primary residence or a vacation house, there’s no feeling quite like getting the keys to your new place. After a long search (or even a short one), securing the financing and signing your name […]

What does PLR stand for?

Passionate. Loyal. Reliable. What do you think P/L/R stands for? Passionate. Loyal. Reliable. Words nearly everyone would use to describe the perfect life partner, but rarely words anyone would use to describe an insurance agency. Unless that agency is P/L/R Insurance! Now, to be honest, P/L/R represents the initials of a couple of longtime partners, […]

Insurance Insights for Everyone – Welcome

Insurance Insights for Everyone – Welcome

Welcome. A new year always brings new opportunities and here at P/L/R, we’re taking this opportunity to launch our brand-new blog, Insurance Insights for Everyone. We know. Talking about insurance is exactly nobody’s favorite topic. It’s dry, and dull and boring and expensive and more of a necessary evil than something you want to spend your […]

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