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Do My Kids Need Life Insurance?

Do My Kids Need Life Insurance? It’s every parent’s worst fear. Maybe it comes from a doctor. “I’m sorry, but the diagnosis is terminal.” Maybe it’s a late-night call from the authorities: “There’s been an accident…” No matter how a parent hears the news, there is nothing more terrifying than contemplating a child’s loss. No […]

P/L/R Reports: Renter’s Insurance

P/L/R Reports: Renter’s Insurance Ahhh…August. Traditionally the time for one last summer vacation, back-to-school shopping, and sending the big kids off to college. But this isn’t just any August. This is August in the year 2020! From the brush fires that burned up Australia to battling a global pandemic, it’is hard to say what will […]

P/L/R Explains Life Insurance

Childhood seems to last forever – when you’re the child. That time seems to go a lot faster if you’re the parent. So, to quote Kenny Chesney: Don’t Blink. “…just like that you’re six years old, and you take a nap And you wake up, and you’re twenty-five… …A hundred years goes faster than you […]

Video Your Valuables Today

Video Your Valuables Today

It’s been said many times, many ways: change is the only real constant in our world. That point has been driven home in recent days as we’ve been attacked by the novel coronavirus, commonly known as COVID-19. The sudden and unexpected changes this microscopic invader has wrought upon our world would have been unthinkable just […]

Cover Your Casa!

Congratulations – you’re a homeowner! Buying a new home is SO exciting. Whether it’s your first house or your fourth, your primary residence or a vacation house, there’s no feeling quite like getting the keys to your new place. After a long search (or even a short one), securing the financing and signing your name […]

What does PLR stand for?

Passionate. Loyal. Reliable. What do you think P/L/R stands for? Passionate. Loyal. Reliable. Words nearly everyone would use to describe the perfect life partner, but rarely words anyone would use to describe an insurance agency. Unless that agency is P/L/R Insurance! Now, to be honest, P/L/R represents the initials of a couple of longtime partners, […]

Insurance Insights for Everyone – Welcome

Insurance Insights for Everyone – Welcome

Welcome. A new year always brings new opportunities and here at P/L/R, we’re taking this opportunity to launch our brand-new blog, Insurance Insights for Everyone. We know. Talking about insurance is exactly nobody’s favorite topic. It’s dry, and dull and boring and expensive and more of a necessary evil than something you want to spend your […]

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