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The team at PLR Insurance knows how much hard work goes into building a business, which is why we are passionate about providing Business & Commercial Insurance solutions to protect your livelihood. We are a part of the Bloomington-Normal business community and enjoy serving our fellow businesses by providing the best coverage and customer service at a reasonable price.

Why do I need Business & Commercial Insurance?

Business Owner Policies (BOPs) are available in packages and customized to meet the needs of your business. Whether you work from home, or employ many people at a commercial location, PLR Insurance will find the appropriate policy for you. As a business owner, you bear a responsibility to your customers and employees, not to mention your own personal investment of time and money. Investing in Business & Commercial Insurance will provide you a financial shield if your business faces unexpected expenses due to an accident or mishap.

What types of insurance coverages are available for businesses?

Automobile Liability and Collision Insurance

If business owners or company employees are operating commercial vehicles, it’s important that they be protected by a business automobile liability insurance policy. Collisions can happen, but with the right level of protection, your business can continue to move forward regardless of who’s at fault. Commercial auto insurance is not the same is personal auto insurance and may not offer the same protections. The experts at PLR Insurance can provide you with a quote for an appropriate policy today.

General Liability Business Insurance

If an accident happens at your business, your company could be vulnerable to a lawsuit. A great liability policy can be the difference between financial ruin and financial protection. Commercial liability insurance includes coverage for bodily injury, property damage, products-completed operations (if a product your company produces results in injury), contractual liability, and a wide range of other types of liability coverage depending on the business type. Ask your agent what coverage is right for your business today.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

All employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe work environment. However, accidents can happen, even at businesses with the highest safety standards. Worker’s Compensation laws provide assurance to employees that are injured on the job that they will be provided with the necessary funds to seek medical attention and recover. Worker’s Compensation insurance can provide financial peace of mind (regardless of who’s at fault) to business owners by providing the funds needed for Worker’s Compensation payments.

Builder’s Risk

While a building is underway, construction companies can find themselves susceptible to losses if there is any damage to the property while it’s being built. For example, a Bloomington-Normal business may claim losses due to an unexpected tornado or storm. If you’re a local builder, call us today to get a quote on Builder’s Risk Insurance.

Connect with the professionals at PLR Insurance today for a free quote and assessment of your business & commercial insurance needs.

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