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Lake Bloomington is a fantastic place for boat owners in the area to show off their watercraft. While riding the waves can be a great recreational activity, there’s more to it than simply throwing a cover on your boat during the off-season. Here are five tips for boat-owners from PLR! READ MORE >>

For individuals with families, making sure that loved ones are set in case of an accident can be a source of much anxiety. This anxiety is something that Richard Brown of Bloomington, Illinois is familiar with. “My workplace is relatively safe, and I’m always really careful when driving,” Richard said, “but accidents happen. READ MORE >>

Each Monday morning, we at PLR spend some time sipping on coffee, catching up and chatting about the weekend. This past Monday, the conversation somehow turned to the latest movie each of us had seen… and that got us to thinking. Everyone has seen monster movies. READ MORE >>

Overall, there are many perks to being a truck driver. The constant change of setting, great pay, and projected profession growth are just a few of the reasons why becoming a commercial truck driver is a great career path. However, the long hours on the road can cause safety issues. READ MORE >>

Whether you’re a recent college graduate who just started saving or a long-time saver with established accounts, putting money aside for the future can be difficult. Here are 5 tips from PLR to help savers of all ages! Make a Budget—And Stick to It! READ MORE >>

Rebecca Williams is a young professional who recently moved to Bloomington-Normal, Illinois after getting a job with a company in the area. Like many young professionals, she decided to rent through a private leaser. She made this decision based on the price of the apartment, which was less than similar apartments through larger realty companies nearby. READ MORE >>

  Getting a driver’s license has long been a rite of passage for adolescents in the United States. However, for parents of new drivers, having a teenager behind the wheel can be a scary thing. In the Bloomington-Normal area, the large number of one-way streets and weather conditions can add extra challenges for new drivers. READ MORE >>

Imagine a stereotypical “salesman”. More than likely, you’re imagining a fast talking man in a bad suit and tie with slicked back hair, trying to sell you something that you don’t really need. Bill Lawrence, owner of PLR Insurance might technically be a salesman, but he is none of those things. READ MORE >>

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