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  While residents of the midwest have to deal with inclement weather all year ‘round (yay midwest!), storms are especially dangerous during the spring and summer months.  From high winds and hail to thunder, heavy rainfall and even tornadoes, summer storms produce all kinds of different risky conditions. READ MORE >>

Even though Game of Thrones is over (don’t get us started on that ending), it still isn’t finished bringing its viewers joy (or misery!). According to the New York Post, an insurance company in the UK is offering a “spoiler” coverage for viewers of the show. READ MORE >>

It’s that time -- it seems like everyone you know is settling down, buying a house and having kids. And that’s not actually surprising -- 21% of millennials are expected to buy a home in the next two years. If you’re a part of that 21%, it’s time to check your credit score. READ MORE >>

The economy is good (hallelujah!). While a strong economy has many positive consequences, one particularly interesting one is the increase in the number of small businesses. Unsurprisingly, the number of small businesses tend to increase during times of prosperity. READ MORE >>

Renters insurance protects the possessions of tenants from a wide-range of catastrophes, such as a fire, theft, or environmental factors, like a tornado--all of which can happen in the Bloomington-Normal area. READ MORE >>

According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, May is national electrical safety month. Electricity is used to power homes and businesses everyday, and, as long as certain safety precautions are taken, electrical energy is generally pretty safe. “Certain precautions” you say? READ MORE >>

There’s nothing more important than the health of you and your family . For this reason, it’s important to have healthcare that covers all of your--and their--needs. By extension, this means finding a reliable health insurance agency that will help you find the plan that is right. READ MORE >>

So you want to be an entrepreneur? You’ve got a great idea, and you want to put it into motion, so you can show the world what you can do! Being an entrepreneur and starting a business is admirable, but it comes with risks. READ MORE >>

In the United States, April is officially Financial Literacy Month. Throughout the month, both children and adults are encouraged to learn about good financial practices and to start putting these practices into action! At PLR, we believe insurance knowledge is an important part of financial literacy. READ MORE >>

Late last year, PLR posted this piece to our blog, which described the damage done by Hurricane Florence and stressed the importance of Homeowners Flood Insurance. While that was only a short time ago, we’d like to, once again, stress the importance of Homeowners Flood Insurance for people living in the Midwest. READ MORE >>

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